Always a fine line with post production

Always a fine line with post production

Landscape Photography

How fine a line is there between an acceptable post process and taking it too far?

Personally in the last few months I have been drawn so much to the outdoors it’s unreal and in doing this while uploading my best results to social media the statement I see way to much is… “Oh you must be great at Photoshop” or my personal favorite “your camera must be really good”. People’s opinion since digital has kicked in has been that everything MUST be because you have an expensive camera or you sit in Photoshop for hours upon hours editing one image.

I will hold my hands up and say I do post process, but only to a point that I think makes it look more how my eye saw it than what the sensor picked up.

Photography is an art right?

Over the years of being into art and design I have seen paintings that involved throwing paint onto a canvas and leaving it how it was, some of these sold for £1000’s. Why is it when we spend hundreds on fuel and hotels to get maybe 10 images over a few months it is seen wrong to sit and process so they are perfect. I must admit it’s still something I don’t fully understand and kind of hoping I never do!

The great Ansel Adams used to sit in a dark room for hours dodging and burning images so I have decided to ignore the critiques and go ahead and do it anyway.

Only a quick blog entry today as I have been out shooting all morning, below are just a selection of images over the past few months for you to look at. Would be great to know your feedback in the comments below.

photocrati gallery

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  1. Adam Woolford says:

    Quality, yeah over-processing is an issue in many images. Britain seems to be full of purists whilst other parts of the world are more accepting of heavy post prod on images. Less is more in my opinion and images can look way too over-baked sometimes. Most people don’t recognise that an image still requires post processing, except rather than a darkroom and liquids etc we now us PS…ultimately we must process our images to reflect the desired result we want to achieve. Switching out skies etc isn’t something I do, but you ultimately want to deliver an image that reflects the scene as you saw it. This requires post processing without a doubt. Rate your work and don’t think your images are over-processed.

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