Who is Mark Upfield?

Mark Upfield has always had a passion for photography and his first real challenge came when he applied for his first full time job as a Studio photographer working for the UK’s leading family portrait company, Venture. After a short while it wasn’t long until he was approached by an independent photography studio not far from where he grow up, with this opportunity he made the decision to move back home allowing him to have more free time. While working at the new studio he was introduced to the world of landscape photography through the eyes of a fellow photographer and soon realised that this was the way forward for him. It wasn’t long until he was hooked with landscape photography and was spending all his free time travelling around and photographing as many different locations and scenes as he could. His passion is still growing and you will often find that he will be catching the light before people have started stirring in their beds.

Head Shot

What does he do…

Mark is now working freelance for various magazines supplying articles and images as well as supplying fine art and luxury products to many homes around the world. It’s been a long road but with his hard work and love for photography he now has regular collectors of his new releases in the UK with sales going as far as Australia.

He also runs private and group workshops around the UK as well as taking on commissions. This enables him to share his knowledge and passion with others while showing them some of his favorite locations that has taken him years to find.

 Kingly Vale