Lightera clothing is born

So today marks the day a project I started at the age of 18 finally went live – Lightera clothing… It was a dream back then I never thought I would follow through, but I have and now the hard work starts into making it successful.

The idea is based on the fact photographers don’t really have a go to brand as such, what clothes do we chill out and edit in? Mainly sports wear or outdoor clothing so my thought was why can’t we have a brand for us.

The brand new is simple and was a project while studying.

Light – what all photography is based on.

Era – a moment in time (what photography is all about)

Put the two together and that’s how I came up with Lightera clothing, obviously in my sketch books it took a lot longer to come up with.

Please feel free to take a look at the two new hoody designs, you can purchase directly off the site.

lightera clothing
Chilling at the waterfalls in Brecon Beacons with the new hoody range

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