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Nikon 14-24 2.8

Th Nikon 14-24 2.8 is my go to lens and the last couple of years I have been shooting with it after buying it from Tim Wallace. It is by far my favorite lens in my camera bag for the landscapes, however, the last few weeks Iv’e been trying something a little different with it. Let…
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Always a fine line with post production

How fine a line is there between an acceptable post process and taking it too far? Personally in the last few months I have been drawn so much to the outdoors it’s unreal and in doing this while uploading my best results to social media the statement I see way to much is… “Oh you…
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Exploring the Dolomites National Park

Hey all and welcome to the first blog post on my new and improved website. I have kept the site as simple as possible and will be keeping you updated on my travels and whats going on via this blog section. So here goes on explaining how I found the Dolomites National Park in Italy. Myself…
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